Pawan Kalyan voice over for Varun Tej?


Pawan-kalyan-and-Varun-tejRecently not so long ago, another Mega Hero has officially entered into the Telugu Film Industry whose film had a huge launching pad attended by almost all the Mega heroes including Mega Star Chiranjeevi, Power Star Pawan Kalyan etc. He is none other than Varun Tej who is the son of Mega Brother Nagababu.

This Mega hero is tall and handsome when compared to the other Mega heroes. He is debuting as the hero with the film named “Gollabama” in the direction of Srikanth Addala who is known to direct some feel good movies. His earlier movies are “SVSC”, “Kotha Bangaru Lokam”.

When this film is still in its initial stage of shooting, here comes an exciting news about this movie. According to the latest gossip, Power Star Pawan kalyan is giving a voice over to this movie. Till date other heroes like Mahesh Babu has given a voice over to his movies, but Power Star never done this before. This will be the first and Varu Tej will be the first hero getting Power Star’s voice for his movie.

Varun Tej seems to have some great amount of luck for the first film itself with the inclusion of Pawan Kalyan in his debut movie. With this strategical move this film makers will bring some good amount of foot into the theaters.