Pawan Kalyan’s Channel on its way!


Pawan-Kalyan-ChannelThese days, Film Celebrities are trying the best to reach out to their fans by effectively using the resources available. We have come across Youtube channels for Kamal Haasan and Mahesh Babu, and a mobile App for App for Ram Charan in the recent past. Now, Powerstar himself joins the league!

Pawan Kalyan is going to have a Youtube channel of his own very soon. His Team is already working on it and this platform will help convey his message to the people in a much better way. So, Politicians of AP & Telangana need to be more cautious as Pawan might attack them at any time without calling for a press conference.

Not yet clear, If Pawan Kalyan will be using the Youtube channel for scouting Young Talent to make films on his newly launched Production House. Few months ago, Aishwarya Rajinikanth did the same to encourage Short Film makers by offering them a platform to exhibit their skills.