Pawan Kalyan’s Happy Family!


Here is the latest photograph of Pawan Kalyan’s Family comprising of Renu Desai, Akira Nandan and Aadhya. Look how tall Akira has been now. People should think twice before addressing him as a kid from now onwards. And the smile of Aadhya is priceless. The trio make a happy family!

Akira & Aadhya don’t miss Pawan much as the Actor-cum-Politician spends time with them whenever he is free from professional/political commitments. Pawan & Renu maintained a good equation even after the separation & ensured the divorce doesn’t affect the children.

Will Akira Nandan gear up for the film debut after 4-5 years from now? Such possibilities can’t be ruled out as of now.Pawan-Kalyan-s-Happy-Family