Pawan Kalyan’s New Poster Creates Hulchul!


Pawan-New-Poster-create-hulIn general, fans used to anxiously wait for their hero’s movie details. If they hear that their hero wanted to do new movie, they start creating new posts that are related to the movie, even if they don’t know the details of the movie !!

We all know that Powerstar Pawan Kalyan has a huge fan base across the globe. After Sardaar Gabbar Singh, he is roped in a project which is directed by S.J.Suryah. The producer of this film is Sharath Marar.

Recently, the makers have launched the movie in the presence of Sardaar Distributors. After that, there were many speculation on the movie on What is the theme of the movie??

Whether it is a sequel of Khushi or other?? There is also a rumor which is going rounds in the media that the film is a remake of Veeram movie. But there is no confirmation from the makers yet !

Recently, an unknown person has designed a poster which is related to Pawan’ movie and posted it in the social networking sites. The poster created a sensation in media. The poster was not released by the makers. Then how a person was able to design the poster with the title Senapathi?? There is one possibility that is the person might know the details of movie Or else he must have created to hype.

We have to wait for the truth!!