Pawan Kalyan’s Sardaar To Face Mahesh Babu Heat!


MaheshIn the current Mahesh Babu and Prabhas wave, many of us have forgotten the unmatchable charisma and star value Power Star Pawan Kalyan enjoyed in last few years. Both on political and cine fronts, Pawan Kalyan achieved superb results becoming a best alternative for Chiranjeevi to settle on Tollywood top chair. All such dreams appear to be short-lived with minute progress on his future cinema projects and political plans almost remained stagnant.

Amidst such disappointing times, Pawan Kalyan took the challenge to rebuild his star image with ‘Sardaar’ currently placed on race track production. Reports flown from film circles made a point that, despite enormous hard work by director Bobby and team, ‘Sardaar’ release date can be only by year-end or early next year. This means Mahesh Babu can be assumed as top star till Pawan’s arrival, if at all a competition is to be seen on cards.

Moreover, Mahesh Babu and Srikant Addala’s ‘Brahmotsavam’ is also setting the eye on next year Pongal race. In order ‘Sardaar’ has to re-enlighten the lost charm on Power Star Fans faces, the film should be above ‘Srimanthudu’ and beat ‘Brahmotsavam’ heat. Till then, Tollywood Super Star Mahesh Babu Hawa continues.