Pawan Kalyan’s secret weapon for Mahesh Babu!!


Pawan-Mahesh1Mega Family is known for its outstanding talent and great market potential. Almost all the heroes in this family has the capacity to do miracles at box office. Majority of the films which are on the top with respect to collections are from Mega Family. Mahesh is the only actor who is the competitor to Mega Family.

If this family puts Mahesh aside, there won’t be any competition for the actors from this family. Looks like, Mega Family is moving the pawns in this direction. Naga Babu’s son Varun Teja is the one who is expected to be used as a weapon to stop Mahesh. This star hero is the most handsome ones in Mega Family and he is stated to have the ability to turn Mahesh’s market towards Mega Family.

Pawan Kalyan himself stepped into the arena to train Varun Teja. As per the reports, Pawan Kalyan is training him on the skills required to capture the attention of audience. Mega Family may use this secret weapon next year. After testing its intensity, Pawan Kalyan may give further training.