Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Tagore’ In 2019?


VV-VinayakComedian turned producer of high budget movies, Bandla Ganesh is one of the luckiest filmmakers to have got the opportunity of making two back to back films with Pawan Kalyan. The self-proclaimed devotee of Pawan is now reportedly planning another film with Pawan and the director is VV Vinayak.
In his 15 year long career, VV Vinayak has time and again tried to get the nod of Pawan Kalyan but the project never materialized. Now, Bandla has reportedly initiated discussions with Vinayak and Pawan for a powerful mass entertainer with an underlying message for society.

Pawan has already committed for two movies. After Trivikram’s project, he will act in Tamil director Neeson’s direction for the rumored remake of ‘Vedhalam’. We will be in 2018 by the time he completes both these films. Later, the Jana Sena founder will be fully immersed in political campaign in view of 2019 assembly elections.

Bandla and Vinayak’s plan is to prepare a message-oriented mass subject, on the lines of Megastar’s ‘Tagore’, by early 2018 keeping Pawan’s filmy and political image in mind. The story will be laced with Pawan’s ideologies it is heard.
The target is to release the film for Sankranthi 2019, just 2-3 months ahead of Assembly elections. Bandla is aiming to satisfy the mass fan base of Pawan and also take his political image to new heights. If the message is well received by people and the film becomes a hit, it will surely help Pawan and his party in elections.

It may be recalled that NTR Sr has also done message oriented commercial movies right before he plunged into politics. Can Pawan recreate the unbelievable feat pulled off by the late legend?