Pawan Kalyan’s Title For A Dog?


Pawan-Kalyan-Title-For-A-DoJust a couple of days back, hottie Lakshmi Rai got full appreciation for sharing those ‘selfies’ she got clicked with Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. Because that has in a way proven that “Sardar Gabbar Singh” shooting is actually going on, and that gave much relief to fans.

All this good work, say good promotion, done by Lakhsmi Rai has gone haywire today. Actually today also the unit is canning that hottest item number on Pawan and Lakshmi, and in between the shoots our hottie found a homeless puppy (small dog) on the sets. After taking that do into her lap, Lakshmi Rai has asked fans for a suggestion regarding the name she should give for that dog. Finally she felt like, as she found the dog on Sardar Gabbar Singh sets, she named it as “Gabbar”. That hurts now.

Pawan fans have immediately shot back, how could you give a Pawan Kalyan title to a dog? some asked; Some went on blasting Lakshmi Rai for using the name and fame of Gabbar for her self image. Anyway, naming a dog with Pawan’s film title and name is not acceptable for these fans. We have to see what Lakshmi Rai will say. raai laxmi