Pawan Kalyan’s Wishes Are Missing


Pawan-Kalyan-WishesDon’t worry, as he has blessed Ram Charan, wishes his brother Megastar Chiranjeevi for “Bruce Lee”, surely he may hold a special press meet for “Kanche” in order to bless his another brother’s son Varun Tej. People are not talking about these wishes anyway.

Of course, Pawan stated that he’s happy for Andhra Pradesh’s new capital Amaravathi, and expressed his inability to attend the Foundation Ceremony due to his fixed film schedules which includes combination dates of many other actors. We understood the complexity of film making. Even after 4 days after the ceremony, there is neither a tweet nor any statement issued by Pawan about the forthcoming capital city. When the whole of virtual world is still buzzing with #ManaAmaravathi #Mana Rajadhani, it’s surprising Pawan is not even commenting about it, neither throwing a tweet.

Do we need to read something else from his silence?