Pawan-Mahesh in one movie ?


Pawan-Mahesh in one movieOnce again the trend of multi-starer has struck the Tollywood. During the times of NTR, ANR, Krishna, Shoban Babu no. of muti-starer movies are more than the present generation movies. Recently we have seen quite a few films that has big stars included in them namely SVSC, Masala and the latest Ori Devuda.

Due to this sudden rise in the multi-starer trend, now many stories are circling round the T-Town that suits this trend of multi-starer movie. If the story seems to strong enough no star is backing themselves from doing a Multi-starer movie. Many crazy combinations are being speculated. One such is Pawan-Mahesh Babu’s combination. These two stars are the top most with huge fan following in the Tollywood. Everyone is eager to see these both stars in a single frame.

To the surprise, so called “Annayya” in the small screen, Omkar stated that he has a powerful story with him which can be only fitted by Pawan-Mahesh Babu. If this story impresses these two stars, we may see them soon in a single frame which will be the mouth watering movie of this era.