Pawan Making Him Another PVP?


When Pawan Kalyan had launched Janasena on March 14, 2014, it was producer and financier PVP who was with Pawan and Jansena. PVP had thoroughly supported Pawan for his first-ever meeting be it providing financial assistance or conducting the events with the help of event organizers. But slowly, PVP distanced from Pawan after the latter failed to get him Vijayawada MP ticket from TDP.

Now, many in industry circuits are opining that Pawan Kalyan has found new ‘PVP’ in from of entrepreneur and film producer Ram Talluri. who is funding Janasena. Besides funding, Ram is also now looking after Janasena party activities, conducting meetings in the US and elsewhere, gathering support of the NRIs, techies and software employees.

While word is out that Ram is expecting a MLA ticket from Janasena and Pawan too said to have promised him the ticket, many are wondering whether this would actually happen in reality. Also, film and political circles are cautioning Ram not to expect “high” from PK who is known for his mood sings.