Pawan Read Nearly 2 Lakh Books Till Date


PawanismPower Star Pawan Kalyan is demigod for millions of mega fans. They blindly follow Pawanism- Pawan Kalyan’s thesis. But, one hard core fan researched for around 18 years to write a book on Pawanism. Every fan is habitually using the term Pawanism off late, but it was too old for this die hard fan named Srikanth. The book utterly describes Pawan Kalyan’s ideologies. According to Srikanth, Pawanism is neither personality development nor theism, but beyond these two.

Srikanth had several meetings with Pawan Kalyan parents- father Venkat Rao, mother Anjana Devi and elder brothers Chiranjeevi and Nagababu to gather requisite information. The author learnt from Pawan’s father that the actor read as many as 2 lakhs books till date. “Pawan Kalyan has been a true follower of Ramana Maharshi and sincerely follows his saying:  ‘Travel in yourself, you are your target’,” he added.