When Pawan’s Heroine Cleaned Temple Floor


when-pawan-s-heroine-cleaned-temple-floorFor her role of a traditional lover in Teen Maar movie, Kannada beauty Kriti Kharbanda was expected to go places but her career didn’t take off in right direction. From seducing with her glamour in films like Ongole Gitta to turning up as an elder sister in Bruce Lee, she tried many.

Luck has other smiles for this hot lady as she got busy with some assignments in Bollywood now. “Guest In London” is the latest movie of Kriti where she’s seen as a lead girl. While shooting for this film in London, actually Kriti showcased her spiritual and humanist side to her crew members.

During one of the shoot days, the whole cast of the movie decided to go on a spiritual trip in London and they have dropped at a nearby Gurudwara, the place of worship for Sikhs. After going to this temple, Kriti immediately decided to do a service and started cleaning the floor with a wet-sweeping kit. At Gurudwaras, people clean the floor and do other service for the sacred temple as a mark of respect.

Touched by Kriti’s act, even other cast members started doing some service, reveals Bollywood sources. Let’s hope this is not an attention grabbing act from the struggling heroine.