Pawan’s Translation Duty For Wife Anna


Already it is known that Powerstar Pawan Kalyan and his wife Anna Lezhenova have watched “Rangasthalam” at Prasad Imax in Hyderabad. And those people who are watching the film at the second show are simply shocked with Pawan’s arrival to the theatre.

Accompanied by his Australian wife of Russian origin and also Ram Charan and his wife Upasana, Pawan watched the movie. But with the print screened there not encoded with any subtitles, we wonder how much Anna would have understood it. Though she could speak a bit of Telugu, it is tough to understand the Godavari slang and also the dialogues that sound like the language of the 80s. So how did she took it?

Some onlookers revealed that Pawan Kalyan took the job of translation duties as he interpreted the important dialogues in English for Anna. In other scenes, Anna has got connected with the emotion as cinema is always universal. But it’s heard that Pawan took great care of his wife by making sure that she understands the crucial plots and twists with his translation.

Anyway, it’s high time Tollywood thinks about releasing films with dubbed English lines in Hyderabad as well for people from other languages to watch them. That will improve our market, isn’t it?