Peaks Of Piracy: Kaala Live Streaming On Facebook


In what could be called as peaks of doing piracy, an enthusiast has turned ist 40 minutes of the film because later Rajni’s fans and hero Vishal have swung into action.

A person whose Facebook profile reads the name “Praveen Thevar” has started broadcasting a live stream of Kaala from a theatre in Singapore. As the premiere show of the film started at The Cathay cineplex in Singapore, this particular FB users started streaming it LIVE on the social media platform.

Jumping into the scene, hero Vishal has made sure that authorities act fast and arrest the person who is resorting to this act of piracy. Apparently, the whole of Tamil Film Industry is first shocked to see that Kaala is being streamed live on FB and later they got more surprised with Vishal announcing that they got the guy arrested.

Meanwhile, Rajnikanth fans can’t thank Vishal enough for stopping piracy this way by jumping directly into action.