“Peddhavallu Chepparu”, MAA Takes U-Turn


“At that moment, we felt unhappy for the things done by Sri Reddy. But our Tollywood biggies (Pedda vaallu) have today asked us to reconsider our decision and we’re taking our words back. We request Sri Reddy garu to continue acting in films and do good work in the film industry” said MAA president Sivaji Raja, offering an olive branch to actress Sri Reddy by welcoming her into the association.

Actor Sivaji also stated that Sri Reddy’s stripping acts have hurt them emotionally and that’s the reason they asked 900 members of their association to not act with her. Pushing it down as a momentary reaction, the whole of MAA is now saying that they will help Sri Reddy in all the aspect. What about the casting couch accusations she alleged on Suresh Babu’s son Abhiram now?

“We’ve actually formed a committee to address this ‘casting couch’ issue and once Sri Reddy or any other actress lodges a complaint, we’ll consider them and solve it,” said MAA team members. But talking about the demand of giving chances to Telugu heroines in Telugu films? Maa says, “With producers investing crores of rupees, they have the choice to pick the actors or actresses they want. If we say that only Telugu people should be taken, the government of India will not also accept that demand”.

We have to see what Sri Reddy will say about this now. Recently she stated that all the culprit bigwigs in the industry should be punished no matter whether they take her into MAA or not.