Perfect Contestant In Bigg Boss


Navdeep-Bigg-BossIt is a general opinion of large section of TV viewers that Bigg Boss show has been doing reasonably okay only because of NTR’s charisma and verbosity as the Host. They feel that the contestants lack the crowd pulling factor that participants of a reality show like Bigg Boss should possess. Have the show organizers finally found the perfect contestant to spearhead in the absence of NTR, during week days?

Actor Navdeep, who made his entry in the Bigg Boss house on Wild Card this week, has within two days showed how much difference a potential contestant can bring to the show. Without following the tactics of fellow contestants, he started doing what he intends, and thus has brought a welcome change in the show’s ambience.

There has been positive response on social media towards the show after Navdeep’s entry. Looking at the immense popularity he has earned within two days, the likes of Prince, Adarsh and Siva Balaji who have been playing safe game so far, are slowly adapting to match Navdeep’s energy, chivalry and attitude.

Regardless of Navdeep can win the title or not, he surely has demonstrated an example of how a Bigg Boss contestant should be.