What Phone Pawan Kalyan Uses?


Never in his public appearances, Pawan Kalyan flaunts his phone and he’s not noticed anytime operating it as well at other locations. Does he really use the phone? Or will his assistants carry one and use it as per his directions? These are some common doubts arising all the time.

Pawan-kalyan-mobileSome close sources, however, revealed that Pawan has special like for Apple brand phones as they are very easy to operate. At present, he owns an iPhone 6+ that was brought in Australia during his recent visit to the country where his in-laws stay. Pawan Kalyan not only just takes pictures on this phone sometimes, to record some memories, but he’s an ardent user of iTunes as well. It’s heard that he buys a lot of old English music from the online music stores and plugs earphones whenever he wants to relax. Meanwhile, he reads books, pdfs and online magazines as well through his iPhone.

“Not just reading pdfs or listening to music, but Kalyan sir also messages to his son and daughter through phone and keeps in touch with family members. But he follows a strict time for using anything. Never on the sets, he will be seen talking on the phone or spending his time on it. Only for tweeting his political statements, he may occasionally use the phone on a set, otherwise, he keeps it in his car”, commented an onlooker.

Another person said, Pawan Kalyan is not against using phones, but he knows when to and for what extent a gadget should be used. He always likes to send handwritten notes to his loved ones rather sending messages, but still sends SMS when some quick action or response is needed.