Photo Story: Puri wanted more than this?


Do you know Aisha Sharma..? Don’t be disappointed if you are not familiar with her name. She is the younger sister of Neha Sharma of ‘Chirutha’ fame.  Neha is trying to introduce her sister to the film industry from long time but things are not falling in place for her.  But Aisha is not a beauty who keeps quiet.. she is posting her glamorous pictures in her in social media to raise the heat.

She has recently went to chill out in the beach and she took few hot selfies and posted in the social media.  Hot pics are not new for this hot beauty because she has appeared in the Kingfisher one can understand her boldness.  Surprising thing is that there were reports some time back that she walked out of the Puri Jagannadh’s ‘Loafer’ movie.  People were clueless why she opted out of the project.

After the release of Loafer trailer, some people felt that excessive skin show and liplocks might have made Aisha to exit from the project.  But that doesn’t appear to be the logic as she is doing more skin show on the beaches than in the films. So the question arises.. Puri wanted more than this ?Aisha Sharma