All those Photography rumours are humbug!


Boyapati-Photography-rumourJaya Janaki Nayaka is one of the most talked about movies in our Telugu Cinema Industry. More the movie’s cast, the rumours about the budget and the crew have been circulating more and more hype. One of them is that the movies budget for just principal photography has been 4 crores. Many are commenting after hearing this rumour that are our makers trying to make a Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk by spending so much on just photography? Well, there is no truth in such rumours.

Allu Aravind talking about Rishi Punjabi at a success meet of Sarrainodu said, ” When my son, Allu Arjun, asked for this cinematographer who is renowned for making ad films and taking one lakh per day, I thought should we really spend so much? But when I saw the output I got satisfied with the quality..” He revealed the amount Rishi Punjabi charges and that has become the source of all these rumours. Many Cinematographers charge in crores and even if we calculate on per day basis, for 120 days Rishi will earn 1.2 crores and that is not a huge amount. It’s high common these days.

Even to think that Rishi Punjabi might have used any new lenses that cost more than usual, he used the same cameras, same lenses and same equipment that every other cinematographer uses. The team might have taken one extra camera and few more equipment for rent but that won’t cost as much the rumour projects. If the movie has gone over budget then the credit must go to the director, Boyapati Srinu for making it 120 days as the production cost is directly proportional to the number of working days.