Photos of Shriya Bhupal with Allu Sirish rock the internet!


Shriya Bhupal, the fashion designer and Akhil Akkineni’s ex-fiance, as per the rumours and news, after a long hiatus appeared in front of camera with Allu Shrish. The pics of them dancing in tandem have rocked the internet and many wonder what might have happened there, is it at a private party? A small gathering?

Until, recently, nobody knew about Shriya and her family background. When Akhil announced all of a sudden, his love towards her and consequent engagement ceremony made her a celebrity overnight. For unknown reasons the marriage has been called off and the lovers have broken up for good, as per the news floating around.

There were talks that heartbroken Shriya went to USA for vacation and also found herself a groom and soon will get married with the NRI. How much off truth is behind those rumours nobody could confirm as neither parties confirm.

Well, the two could be really close Family friends and might have danced for a peppy song for such movements. As per as her single or committed status we cannot comment on that as it is too personal issue.  Photos-of-Shriya-Bhupal-with-Shrish-rock-the-internet