Pic Talk: Kareena ‘Bikini’ Khan Welcomes 2018


Kareena-Bikini-KhanEarlier, when hotties like Aishwarya Rai took their own sweet time of years to lost that post-delivery fat, many felt sad. Because it gave a feeling that heroines will lose their shape and vigour post marriage and baby-birth. But here comes Kareena Kapoor Khan, changing the rules.

Just a month after she was blessed with a baby boy, Kareena started hitting gym and power yoga and in no time she turned super hot. Not just hot, but she also started posing like a supermodel everywhere thereby making young heroines jealous. One such treat is this January 2018 cover page of popular Vogue magazine.

Slaying it in a bikini like dress, Kareena just lived up to the expectations and stunned everyone as she accentuated her curves like never before. Needless to say, she could be called as Kareena Bikini Khan, isn’t it?