Piracy Makers Huge Shock To RGV


RGV-GST-titleGST aka God..Sex and Truth.. This Ram Gopal Varma short film has created sensation in the industry. RGV promoted the film in high level as it was a message-oriented one. He boasted that he did a great attempt in making a  short film about giving sexual Liberation to girls. The debates in TV channels, discussions with college girls, punch dialogues with youth, satires with samaram and disputes with women empowerment workers, all of them created so much hype about Mia Malkova’s adult film.

But all the expectations went into vain after watching the film. The 20 minutes video has nothing but girl making nude poses and stating that she has the right to have sex with anyone and showing some quotes about sex on screen. It seems like Varma haven’t invested a single penny in making the movie. But, the short film immediately got pirated and got released online on other platforms.

Varma who always claims that he likes piracy a lot is shocked but we can say that the movie got pirated even before Varma got back the money he invested in buying a flight ticket to Europe to shoot the film. This piracy ghost is not even leaving our controversial director Ram Gopal Varma alone.