Pirates leaked Baahubali 2!


Pirates-leaked-Baahubali-2Baahubali has been a magnet to pirates and ever since the first instalment of the film released on screen the film has been attacked by pirates.

Even for the first part, unfinished VFX video footage of the climax was released online and now for the second part there is a three minute video that is also unfinished VFX footage leaked online.

The video footage is a fight sequence between Anushka and Prabhas. Most recently a 2 minute video footage of Rana’s coronation to the Mahishmati Kingdom was leaked and the video shows Prabhas as commander-in-chief for army of King Bhallaladeva.

With movie up for release in barely hours time from now the Tamil pirates seem to be on prowl and wielded their ugly claw on the magnum opus movie. The footage leaked is in Tamil and we are sure makers will come down on the leakers in a Baahubali way!