PK-Kathi Dispute: What Will Happen On Jan 15th?


PK-Kathi-DisputeKona Venkat came between Pawan Kalyan Fans and Mahesh Kathi. Earlier, He described the Film Critic as a Joker and even gave a call to public for his social boycott.

The Star Writer took to Twitter to convey, ‘Silence is a true friend who never betrays’. Then, He requested everyone including Mahesh Kathi to maintain silence till January 15th. He cautions Individuals like Mahesh Kathi going to media houses or using any other platform to speak against Pawan Fans will spoil the attempt to bring peace.

What’s gonna happen on January 15th? Will Pawan Kalyan enter the scene? or Would Kona Venkat turns mediator between PK Fans and Kathi Mahesh? Telugu People are curious to know what will happen in the one week period. In a way, They are fed up with the same non-sense happening again and again. So, Public are hoping it would be better if the dispute ends as early as possible.

Even if Pawan Kalyan intervenes, Will that shut the mouth of Mahesh Kathi or is a million dollar question. All this hungama won’t end until the Critic realizes the difference between constructive criticism and holding grudge against anyone.