PK To Raviteja: Siggulekunda Ela Act Chestaru?


“I know Raviteja from a long time much before I became an actor. I met him in Madras during Aaj Ka Gundaraj preview and observed him so closely, the only actor I’ve seen such close after my brother. He might have forgotten that incident as I’m commoner then, but I didn’t forget as he’s a celebrity” said Pawan Kalyan, at Nela Ticket audio launch, pushing everyone into splits of huge laughs.

When Raviteja invited him to speak, the mass raja also stunned the audience showcasing how much he loves Pawan. “The Pawan, The Power, The Kalyan, The Star,” he said, adding, “We’ve been very good acquaintances and whenever we meet it will be like this (laughing all the time). These days he got busy and we’re not meeting regularly”, Raviteja said.

Cut to Pawan, he acknowledged that he was in awe of Raviteja and asked him, “Meeru anta Siggulekunda ela act chestaru?”. How would Raviteja act without any shy is what Pawan meant. “I’m stunned to see how he will act so naturally without feeling shy even if he’s amidst huge audiences. I myself feel shy to do such things. I think he leaves that ‘shyness’ at home and comes to shooting” Pawan said, bringing the roof down again.

But here is a serious thing Pawan Kalyan stressed: “Behind those laughs and powerhouse performances, there is a serious side. To produce such great comedy, one has to go through turmoil inside the heart. There are struggle and huge hard work that brought him such immense growth. I’m the witness to it”.

Later he praised the producer and music director as well.

“Not just earning money, but Ram Talluri has the intention of giving back to the society and taking care of underprivileged through his NGO. That’s how I first met him”, he said.

“Only our work should speak, not philosophy that I love so much and composer Shakti is an example of that. I know his music but not him. I wish him luck for Nela Ticket”, Pawan concluded.