#PKLove: Who Hurt Poonam Kaur?


On the eve of Krishnashtami, Poonam Kaur informed about her decision to post a video which she created with lot of love and happiness from the bottom of her heart. However, Using the hashtag #PKLove while sharing this post hasn’t gone down well with Pawan Fans.

Since then, Poonam Kaur was trolled for dragging the name of Pawan Kalyan unnecessarily for the sake of her personal agendas. Most of the fans had the impression that few Celebs have been deliberately using Pawan’s Name or Image for staying in the limelight.

Hurt by the negative reactions, Poonam complained she is being trolled and blamed for no mistake of her. She decided not to release the video which is extremely close to her heart.

Instead of emotional outburst, Poonam Kaur should have explained what she meant by #PKLove in that post. That’s the only way to stop the negative reactions…isn’t it?