Plagiarism Snake on RGV Neck?


RGVRam Gopal Varma’s God Sex Truth releasee on Jan 26 at 9AM. The film though is a short film got the craze more than that of a feature film.

Right from the start the film landed in various controversies as RGV shot the film with porn star Mila Malkova making her the only second porn star after Sunny Leone to star in an Indian film.

Now the film landed in copyright controversy as a person named Jayakumar claimed that the story of GST belongs to him. He aid on April 1,2015 he sent a script to RGV and RGV after informing that he had gone through the script didnot respond later. He said later he stopped bothering about the script but after seeing God Sex and Truth, he felt that the entire story belongs to him. Jayakumar approached court demanding explanation from RGV and served legal notices to him. It has to be seen whether RGV responds to these allegations.

Already women organisations lodged a complaint against GST alleging that RGV showed women in bad light by casting US adult star Mia Maldova in the film. They even submitted six snapshots of the film ‘s trailer as proofs along with the complaint.

In the meantime RGV revealed that his GST is not free to view and added that US company Strike Force which produced the film will charge viewers to watch the video. In US and Canada the charges are 2.99 USD, Europe 1.99 Pounds, India Rs 150 and Srilanka Rs 200 respectively.