PM Doesn’t Have An Issue With That Skirt: Sunny Leone


Sunny-Leone-turns-sensuous-Sunny Leone has become a specialist in expressing her opinions frankly.  In a recent TV channel interview, she told that she never felt bad for acting in porn movies.  From then onwards her talking style has been changed.  Sunny used to confine her statements related to her issues in the past.. but she is expressing her opinions about other issues now.

It is known that Priyanka Chopra met Indian Prime Minister in Berlin recently.  More than the meeting, her Knee length dress has become a huge controversy.  Some people started criticizing Priyanka.  Priyanka gave a strong reply to the critics already. Coming to the present, Sunny Leone extended her support to Priyanka on this issue.

Sunny said that “As far as I know, we have choosen a smart man as our Prime Minister.  He is very intelligent.. he can express anything openly.  If he had any issue with Priyanka dress.. he must have told about it to Priyanka. But he didn’t do like that”.   She added that “Priyanka knows very well how to behave with others.. she must be judged based on her actions.. but not by her dresses”.

Mean while a top celebrity like Big B didn’t want to comment on Priyanka controversy.  When he was asked to respond on Priyanka dress controversy he said that ‘I’m neither Prime Minister nor Priyanaka’.  But Sunny Leone openly expressed her views.