Police recovered blood stain Knife from Prabhas House


prabhas mirchiThis time our hunk hero is in news not for reel reasons, but for a real reason and for  real crime. Police have recovered a weapon, knife, which was used by an attacker to assault a watchman the other day. Check this story.

Meenakshi Constructions MD, Srinivas’ house was attacked by a group of robbers the other day. This house located in Road No 42 of Jubilee Hills, adjacent to hero Prabhas house. At the time of heist, one robber was caught by the watchman of Srinivas when he was hiding beside a bush. To defend himself, the robber has attacked watchman with a sharp knife and made him bleed.

As the watchman tried to beat robber with a stick, he was attacked with the weapon before the robber actually flee the scene by jumping the wall. When police conducted a search with dog squad today, the knife used in the assault was found in Prabhas’ house.
Police revealed that while escaping the thief has thrown the blood stained knife into our hero’s compound. That’s the story folks!