Political Touch to Ravi’s Touch Chesi Chudu


Touch-Chesi-ChuduEven before Ravi Teja began shooting for Touch Chesi Chudu, it has been revealed that he would be seen as powerful police in Vikram Sirikonda’s directorial debut. This was once again proved with the film’s teaser where he was seen controlling mob in a riot. Though he was in civil dress, Ravi taking charge and beating goons with police protection in the background confirms it again.

It is heard that Ravi would be seen as sincere, dutiful cop. And this will only be revealed in the interval.

However, interesting buzz is that the film deals with a sensible political situation and that is set against Old City backdrop. Ravi takes on a big politician in the Old City and that is going to be a key highlight of the film.

It is heard that the climax of the film sees Ravi donning Khakee and taking on goons. Overall, Touch Chesi Chudu will be a commercial potboiler.