Pongadi Neengalum Unga Kaadhalum Movie Review


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Starring : Ramakrishnan, Athmiya, Karunya, Jayaprakash
Director : MA Ramakrishnan
Producer : KR Kannan
Music Director : Kannan

As tacky as the title sounds, Pongadi Neengalum Unga Kadhalum comes with a social message against rape. Directed by M.A. Ramakrishnan, this film has Ramakrishnan, Aathmiya and Kaarunya in the lead roles. Senraayan of Moodar Koodam fame, Jayaprakash, Imman Annachi and Swaminathan will be seen in supporting roles. The cinematography is handled by M.V. Paneer Selvam while editing is done by Vasanth Iyyapan. Kannan has scored the tunes for the film. Pongadi Neengalum Unga Kadhalum is produced by K.R. Kannan under the Reach Dream Media banner.


Ramakrishnan, a thief, who steals for a living. Ramakrishnan has been brought up in such a way that he even steals from the poor. Pulli, (Senrayaan) is Ramakrishnan’s sidekick in the film. One fine day, both Senraayan and Ramakrishnan plan a burglary at Ramee Mall. While running away from the spot, Ramakrishnan meets Divya (Aathmiya). One fine day Divya comes to Ramakrishnan saying that she loves him. But, Ramakrishnan does not have an affinity towards love. After several instances, Ramakrishnan tries to understand Divya’s love and reciprocates it. Before the intermission block, Divya meets a mentally challenged guy in a hospital and cries her heart out saying that she loves him. Jayaprakash who plays a police commissioner looks forward to catch hold of those men who raped his daughter resulting in her death. Who is the mentally challenged guy? Is Divya cheating Ramakrishnan? What has it got to do with the commissioner’s daughter’s rape? Watch the movie to know the answers to these questions.

Ramakrishnan’s acting has improved by eons and his role is etched perfectly. Aathmiya’s revenge seeking role has been played perfectly and is an added advantage to the film. The suspense of why Divya is cheating Ramakrishnan has been maintained well throughout the film. Senraayan has pulled out a stellar performance after Moodar Koodam. Jayaprakash’s role and performance as a helpless father and a strict commissioner has been well done. Imman and Swaminathan’s comic sequences do not fail to tickle the funny bone. The racy screenplay keeps us engrossed in the movie until the end. Cinematography and editing by Paneer Selvam and Vasanth complements the script.

If you want a film with a good social message along with romance and comedy, then head over to Pongadi Neengalum Unga Kadhalum.

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