Ponnam Prabhakar Praises Chiranjeevi


chiranjeevi-ponnamChiranjeevi does not want to lose his huge Fan base in Nizam region with the current political chaos created on Telangana and state bifurcation issues. As a part of trip to Karimnagar district, chiranjeevi attended Vemulawada Rajarajeshwara Temple along with MP Ponnam Prabhakar. At a public meeting with huge gathering of Mega Fans, chiranjeevi spoke his mind out on current Telangana imbroglio.

‘Decision of formation of Telangana rests in the hands of Central Government and Sonia Gandhi. There is nothing much in the hands of State. So, we have to wait till the final hour,’ Chiru said while Ponnam Prabhakar sitting on the same stage went on praising Mega Star as next CM of new Andhra State to be formed after bifurcation. ‘I really want to see chiranjeevi becoming the CM of new Seemandhra state to be formed after bifurcation,’ Ponnam said. Chiru was seen going into splits hearing the statement from a responsible MP.