Poonam Kaur in Bigg Boss Season 2?


Buzz is that Poonam Kaur is the strong contender to enter Bigg Boss house as one of the contestants for Season 2. Popularity & Controversial Image are two major parameters required to qualify for this celebrity reality show. Then, Why not Poonam Kaur who is making headlines since few months because of her comments on Social Media handles?

There is every possibility of Bigg Boss Management approaching Poonam Kaur at this juncture. Why because, She is someone who is closely associated with TDP Government as Handloom Brand Ambassador, An Admirer of Pawan Kalyan and Probably the only one on the planet to treat Trivikram as a rival.

If Poonam Kaur enters Bigg Boss house, Focus of all the viewers will be on her each and every movement. People will be curious to know what would she disclose about PK, Trivikram and the manner in which she became AP’s Brand Ambassador.

On the other hand, Entering Bigg Boss House will be a golden opportunity for Poonam Kaur to stay in the limelight for as long as possible by becoming a household name. Of course, She could also receive a good pay depending on the duration. So, It’s gonna be a win-win situation for Poonam Kaur and Bigg Boss.