Poonam Pandey Selling Tickets On Roads


Sex-Bomb-Selling-TicketsToday, Tollywood will be witnessing half a dozen films hitting at cinemas. Though none of them have any popular heroes or any happening directors, they got popular because this day has highest number of films hitting cinemas in the recent times. Among them, Poonam Pandey’s “Malini And Co” is also there.

To promote this movie among common movie goers, Poonam took to streets of Hyderabad today to sell the tickets. From shop to shop, house to house, this twitter sensation is seen selling the tickets. No doubt, people will flock to get a glimpse of this hottie and buy the tickets but that doesn’t mean that will deliver a blockbuster status for the flick. Going by the trailer, we’ve to say that it’s as scrappy as it is, but then, these promotions are making their way for everything.