Poonam Pandey’s stripping for Baahubali 2


Poonam-Pandey-Baahubali-2This is another seriously only for fun post for our readers and we warn them to not take this seriously. Just laugh it off!

Hot lady Poonam Pandey is not in news lately. The actress who planned to come out with her own app got a jolt from Google and she could not come out with her app. Thank god, we can’t imagine the heat strokes possible with that app if that went live!

Now coming to Poonam’s antics, there was this naughty thought expressed by whatsappers. The lady who said will strip for India if India won the World cup in cricket should actually take stand on big ticket films too and bet on their bo results. Perhaps we would have got a chance of Poonam’s stripping if took it for Baahubali 2 success! Probably fans would express their wish to her and the attention craving lady would easily be convinced with the idea!