Popular News Reader Says Sri Reddy Is His Sister


The controversies and questions raised by Sri Reddy are having a fair share of positives and negatives. However, one of the most discussed points is, one particular popular news reader is said to be backing her and helping his channel rake up huge TRPs with her debates and also that stripping drama.

Taking to this, there is closed Facebook group where the biggies of media are members and one of the prominent media personality wrote in a way that the newsreader will now start using Sri Reddy. Stunned by this allegation, the newsreader dubbed this as a cheap allegation.

“I’m confirming here that she’s like a sister to me and I don’t want any TRPs through her. When our channel telecasted her stripping-protest, I’m out of town as my mother is unwell. I got nothing to do with that. And rather making cheap comments on me, by linking me with her, try to address the issue and solve the crisis in Tollywood” he warned in a firm tone, during a prime-time debate.

Whatever it may be, the news items like “Mahesh Kathi alleges Pawan and Poonam”, “Sridevi in Bathtub” and now “Sri Reddy Leaks” are all helping only to rake up TRPs but nothing useful to the society and people.