Posani’s sensational comments on pawan’s political entry


pawan-and-posaniThe news about Pawan entry into politics have travelled many places i.e., like mountains, lakes, sky and finally reached somewhere beyond Earth. To discuss this topic a popular news channel invited our Posani Raja. As we know, Posani’s pen was sharp, his words are harsh and his thoughts are much realistic. Then you have to see what Posani has to say about Pawan.

Based on the news of Pawan entry into politics Posani says, Pawan is a nice human being and he is sensitive minded. Now-a-days, politics has dropped from business range to prostitution range. You want say that Pawan can mingle in this rotten politics. Posani says, “If the society gets spoiled by this rotten politics, and if any hand begs Power Star then he may enter into politics”.

In the real world, Pawan and Naga Babu give more value to his brother’s decision. All the fans of Chiranjeevi including myself had a bad feeling when Prajarajyam party joined hands with Congress, but personally no one commented on Chiranjeevi. All the three Mega brothers are real-hearted. These two brothers will not join other parties even if they are angry with Chiranjeevi’s decision. These two brothers will stay with Megastar for life long and in many situations, says Pawan”.

Our Mental Krishna says if Pawan wants to enter in politics, he will start a new party and everyone will join that party and Posani is also ready to join that party. Now, Jagan and Raghavulu are giving more clarity and remaining all others just playing games for their own sake. In this matter about Pawan, Posani’s comments are getting much popular. And finally, Posani says no one can separate Mega Brothers.