Posh Car Brings IT Troubles To Young Hero!


Earlier there used to be a process of black money and white money deals in almost all the industries. With the arrival of GST and instant TDS system now, it is becoming increasingly difficult to hide income, income sources and evade tax. A hero is said to have learnt that hard way now.

Apparently, this hero scored a good hit recently and amassed some money. With the money he has he reached out to a luxury car dealer and booked a beast like a car. Generally for booking such cars, one needs to submit at least three years’ IT Returns. And the hero submitted them all.

Real trouble has started when some discrepancies are found in the IT returns, as the information of such high profile clients who are buying that luxury car is always forwarded to the Income Tax sleuths first. Rumours are coming that the IT sleuths sent a notice to the young hero asking how come he got such a huge investment to produce a recent film when he showed losses in all the previous years.

Also, IT Department is said to be checking if the hero has paid GST or not and if he has deducted GST to all the payments he made to some of his cast and crew.

That’s the reason many big celebrities often by second-hand luxury cars as that will help them escape such a scrutiny.