Power Star Pawan Fans Should Help Her


Pawan-KalyanHaving known for close association with Pawan Kalyan, producer neelima thirumalashetti is making maximum usage of this for her new release of ‘Alias Janaki.’ She is kindly requesting the Fans ad general audience to book their tickets. With Venkat Rahul, the new hero from Mega camp getting introduced with this flick there are high promotions and low expectations.

Earlier to this, Neelima produced ‘Panjaa’ with Pawan Kalyan and then took the blessings of Naga Babu in making this ‘Alias Janaki.’ As per the reports, movie has come out well and might spring a surprise at Box Office if everything goes well. By the way, overseas audiences who cannot enjoy the direct release of ‘Alias Janaki’ in theatres are facilitated with the online pay per view format. Neelima says, ‘Advance bookings opened for Alias Janaki at all multiplexes. Its time to start showing your support people! Please book your show NOW.’

Looks like, some of the Fans of Power Star are extending the support and buying the tickets.