Prabhas discovers Success formula!


prabhas-mirchiIt seems that reigning star Prabhas has disovered the formula both as an actor as well as producer with UV Creations. Even though, producers Pramod and Vamsi are official producers, but their friend Prabhas is a also an active partner and gets its due share of money and credit too, since he is picking rights scripts.

After delivering biggest of his career, Mirchi which garnered more than 45 crores, Prabhas approved the script of ‘Run Raja Run’ and its rocking box office collections are expected to make more than 7 crores. Prabhas who went through bad phase with duds like ‘Bujjugadu’ and ‘Rebel’ and found the winning with Mirchi which catapulted him to the big league.

Now with Baahubali, he is expected to go few notches up in 2015 since Rajamouli is known for his sure-shot hits and cast Prabhas is larger-than-life role as a warrior that would enhance his fan following among masses and youth alike. Prabhas was confident of Baahubali, he rejected three to four big offers, just to focus on his new-look, so he is moving in the right direction and judgement is working.