Prabhas on GQ cover page


Prabhas-on-GQ-cover-pageYoung Rebel Star Prabhas gave stunning surprise on New Year not only to all his Fans but also to movie lovers across the country.

Prabhas, The Baahubali of Indian Cinema greeting everyone on New Year gave a powerful gift by revealing that he featured on cover page of the latest edition of International magazine GQ.

He shared, Hello everyone, wishing you all a very Happy New Year! He further added, May the new year bring you greater heights of success and prosperity. Happy New Year 2018 Darlings.

GQ itself delighted the nation by sharing Prabhas Royal look on its cover page of Jan 2018 edition. It posted Happy New Year! Prabhas, the superstar of the smashingly successful Baahubali is a surprisingly shy guy. We got a fair bit out of him, though in our first issue of 2018. And you don’t want to miss what he’s got to say.

People who watched this look felt it is apt to say that… The Phenomenon Prabhas Reigns.Prabhas-on-GQ-cover-page.jpg1Prabhas-on-GQ-cover-page.jpg2Prabhas-on-GQ-cover-page.jpg3