Prabhas literally stuns Ad Makers


Prabhas-Next-TargetWhen we take Bollywood stars.. they earn more money on the brand endorsement than the films.  Even film makers earn crores of rupees money with internal branding in the films.  As stars will be getting so many brand endorsement offers..there will be several Branding companies ready handle these offers on behalf of the stars.  Our Rebel Star Prabhas said to have given them a shock recently..

Usually Bollywood star who endorses a brand for an year will charge anywhere around Rs.4-6 crores.  But Prabhas is reportedly demanding 10 crores for endorsing a brand.  Even though Mumbai Ad Makers are showing interest towards Prabhas.. they are said to be shocked with the price quoted by Bahubali Star.  Prabhas is of the opinion that he got huge craze with first part of Baahubali itself. If second part is released, his craze will surely touch the sky.  So, he is demanding huge amount.

Some ad makers are trying to strike a deal with Prabhas after the release of ‘Bahubali: The Conclusion’.. but some ad makers have already started negotiations with Prabhas. Even Bollywood stars said to be surprised at Prabhas’ demands.