Prabhas Made His Young Fan Famous


Prabhas-Made-His-Young-Fan-Diehard fans of Tollywood stars usually meet their favorite stars during public events like audio launches and success meets and sometimes even at the shooting spots. However, there are also several unfortunate fans who are helpless and cannot move due to their physical disabilities.

In one such case, a young boy named P Sai Kumar, a diehard fan of Young Rebel Star Prabhas was thrilled to meet his favorite recently. Sai Kumar, a normal young boy like many other boys of his age, met with a horrific accident 5 years ago and he is now immovable and mostly wheelchair bound.

Sai Kumar had been longing to meet Prabhas from a long time and upon knowing his condition, Prabhas himself went and met Sai Kumar at his residence in Khairatabad on the 10th of this month. Prabhas spent quality time with Sai and even took selfies with him and his family members.

Not stopping here, Prabahs even gave Sai his personal number and asked him to call him anytime if necessary. Furthermore, Prabhas even thrilled Sai when he offered him to take him to see the shooting of Baahubali 2. Now, the selfies Prabhas took with Sai have been splashing all around the net and Sai has been getting congratulatory and get well soon calls even from foreign countries, making him world famous.