Prabhas Planning To Take Hindi Classes?


prabhas-planning-to-take-hindi-classesRight now, Prabhas is a big star, not only in Tollywood, but also all over India. In fact, Baahubali has made him a known name in north India. So, he is being advised by friends and family to take up Hindi classes so that he can better cash in on the Hindi market.

In future, he will be doing straight Bollywood movies too after he completes the Baahubali 2 which is expected to roll on from November end.

Though many south Indian stars did try to get a foothold in Bollywood, they could not do so, though Prabhas’ friends feel that he has it in him to take on Bollywood, that is if he plans his steps carefully.

In fact, the best route is to master the language they say. Also, in the past, actors like Kamal Haasan, Rajinikanth and even who regularly acts in Bollywood, all speak good Hindi.
So, he is being told to get comfortable with the language before he signs a big Bollywood project.

Although Prabhas has not yet decided yet, he might take up this. Incidentally, Rajamouli is reportedly planning to shoot the second part of Baahubali in Hindi language too apart from Telugu and Tamil.