Prabhas upset over Bollywood cameo


Remember, the blink and – miss dance sequence of Prabhas with Sonakshi Sinha in the Bollywood film Action Jackson? Apparently, it was a choreographed move to create a buzz about Prabhas ahead of the much ballyhooed Baahubali to be released in Hindi.

Now, that the move has come a cropper, fingers are being pointed at different directions. The film not only bombed, but Prabhas’ short appearance while grooving with Sonakshi in the neon glow of the disco, didn’t even get registered. He came across like a dance extra, albeit, a good looking one.

“The decision to launch Prabhas in the Hindi industry was taken by the core team without giving much thought, hoping that the Ajay Devgn-starrer would make it easy for launching Baahubali’s campaign in Bollywood. But to their shock, director Prabhudheva (who is a good friend of Prabhas) delivered a dud and worse, Prabhas’ dance moves went unnoticed,” says a source close to the production house.

It was a simple calculation for launching Prabhas. “We thought, if the audience in the Hindi belt become aware of Prabhas, just as they are aware of Rana who has earlier acted in a few indi movies, then it would be easier to market Baahubali. These actors could open up Bollywood to recover part of the huge investment on Baahubali,” said the source.

“Now, that this plan has gone kaput we have to think of alternative ways to market the movie in the Hindi belt,” says the source. Needless to say, poor Prabhas is left sulking.

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