Prabhas wishes to work with Mohan Lal!


Prabhas-says-May-Be-RumoursPrabhas, the handsome hunk of Bahubali, has been busy these days promoting his film all over India. Recently, he went to Kerala for promotions along with his team. Whole Kerala has been warm towards the movie and they expected the same from the actors as well.

While Bahubali is the biggest motion picture from Telugu and India ever, till date. Many makers are looking to change that and this film provided enough inspiration with the marketing strategies and the grand victory devoid of language barriers. Looking at it, many have plans to repeat such success for their long term dreams and ond of those projects, is recently announced Mahabharata from Bheema’s point of view.

Entire Malayalam industry is excited about Mohan Lal playing Bheema in the 1000 cr extravaganza and the media asked Prabhas, if he is willing to play a character. The actor responded that he wishes to work with Mohan Lal and if the team approaches him with the script and character, then he will decide. Already, the director of the movie, Shrikumar Menon,  did wish to cast Mahesh Babu in Lord Krishna’s role, will he think about Prabhas too now?