Pragnya Jaiswal Misses Lip Kiss!


Pragya-JaiswalThis week’s new movies released have been romantically a feast for cinema loving audience. Heroines Pooja Jhaveri, Anu Emmanuel and Pragnya Jaiswal served a glamour feast in ‘Dwaraka, Kittu Unnadu Jagratha’ and ‘Gunturodu’ respectively. But what was more interesting than this regular glamour is Pooja Jhaveri’s two lip locks with Vijay Devarakonda in ‘Dwaraka’ and Raj Tharun lip kiss with Anu Emmanuel in ‘Kittu Unnadu.’

Having known for strict objection to exposing and skin show, Pragnya Jaiswal has also crossed the border line besides Manoj Manchu in commercial masala outing ‘Gunturodu.’ Unlike the other two films had hot lip locks, ‘Gunturodu’ served only a special feast for eyes in the form of Pragnya’s new hot looks.

What’s more worrying is, none of these three films got off to unique positive talk despite having such beautiful and co-operative heroines. After erasing the self created restrictions by upping the glam quotient, hope Pragnya is now open for formula based hero centric projects from now on.