Prakash Raj – What Does Anger Fetches You?


Prakash Raj can be an actor only on the screen or while facing the camera at the shooting spot but not off the screen. That’s acceptable only if he heading in the right direction. Unfortunately, The acclaimed actor seems to be nearing zero when it comes to anger management. That’s how he stunned everyone who attended/watched the pre-release event of ‘Bharat Anu Nenu’.

Jr NTR graced ‘Bharat Anu Nenu’ pre-release event as Chief Guest. Apart from sharing the stage with Superstar, He addressed Mahesh Babu as ‘Anna’. Actually, Telugu People should have been talking about this moment for several days. Unfortunately, The focus is more on the walk out staged by the National Award winning actor at the event.

While Prakash Raj was delivering his speech, Few Fans shouted ‘Father�€�Father’. Quickly, The Actor stopped his speech and questioned the fans, ‘Evarayya Adi…Entra Mee Gola…Gola Enti…Agandi’. Initially, Both Mahesh and NTR enjoyed this part of the conversation. As fans continued to make hungama, Prakash Raj shocked everyone by ending his speech abruptly and walking off. The Senior Actor hardly bothered to pay heed even when Anchor Suma tried her best to pacify him. While Mahesh didn’t show his feelings much, Tarak looked visibly stunned.

What else does Prakash Raj expect from fans at a film event? A lot of time Fans shouted ‘Powerstar’ when Chiranjeevi was delivering his speeches. Did Megastar behave in such a manner at least once? Why should Prakash Raj treat ‘Father’ tag as something offensive or unbearable? His attitude gave an impression that intolerance levels are way too high.