Prakash Raj buys Yuvraj!


Prakash-Raj-Bursts-Into-TeaDon’t panic. Versatile actor Prakash Raj is not having any IPL team to buy cricketer Yuvraj Singh for. At the same time he isn’t making any movie with cricketer such that to pay him advance. However the Yuvraj we are talking about is someone different.

Everyone knows that Prakash Raj loves to do farming in the lines of Pawan Kalyan. Apart from having a big farm, a cool farm house, Prakash Raj grows vegetables there and also cultivates certain land for rice. He has the other day purchased a Mahendra Yuvraj 215 tractor to plough his fields. As the actor is currently busy with the shootings, he wants to ride the tractor once he finishes his current assignments. A true farmer indeed.